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Rachel & Company Culture

ABOUT RACHEL AND COMPANY. Rachel and Company is a Washington, DC-based professional organizing firm led by Rachel Rosenthal. Since 2007, our firm has worked with 2,000+ clients, teamed up with prominent brands, and been seen in the media by millions of consumers for our inspiring yet practical ideas for families and professionals.

We believe in the transformative power of being organized. Whether we’re designing solutions for your home or office, sharing our insights in workshops or online courses or partnering with leading lifestyle brands, our aim is constant: help to get you organized.

And that means simple, elegant solutions that last - and that empower you to be more productive, spend more time with your family, better serve your customers, or build your own organizing business. In short, life well-designed is our passion and purpose, and we’re ready to get started with you.

Rachel Rosenthal - www.rachelrosenthal.co



  • Least organized area in the home: My photos. I started off making photo albums when my girls were younger but it stopped at about age 4. Now all photos are organized in different bins by year.

  • Childhood dream job: Singer and dancer

  • Favorite place to travel: Anywhere warm with my family

  • Pet peeve(s): When people are rude for no reason

  • Guilty pleasure: People & Us Magazine

  • Favorite way to relax: Massage or getting my nails done

Rachel & Company - Lindsey  - www.rachelrosenthal.co



  • Least organized area in the home: I have a love for paper products, so my gift wrap and stationery storage is always at full capacity!

  • Childhood dream job: I wanted to be a grocery store clerk so that I could scan products, but self checkouts have fulfilled that for me.

  • Favorite place to travel: I love Paris, but anywhere tropical always sounds ideal.

  • Pet peeve(s): Nail biting and rude behavior

  • Guilty pleasure: Reality TV shows

  • Favorite way to relax: Pilates and spending time outside

Rachel & Company - Sarah  - www.rachelrosenthal.co



  • Least organized area in the home: My laundry room. It's a huge project I've been avoiding tackling.

  • Childhood dream job: The ice cream woman. I loved going to the good humor man as a kid and dreamed of having my own truck as a kid.

  • Favorite place to travel: The beach. I love being near the water and relaxing.

  • Pet peeve(s): Bad hangers

  • Guilty pleasure: Ice cream! I like to eat it every night after my kids go to sleep.

  • Favorite way to relax: Because I have two young children, these days relaxing tends to be a date night with my husband or a night out with my girlfriends.

Rachel & Company - Barbara  - www.rachelrosenthal.co



  • Least organized area in the home: Sadly, my kitchen. It’s as organized as it can be, but the cupboards are all diverse shapes so I had to get really creative in how to store items, but I’m still not satisfied with it!

  • Childhood dream job: I wanted to be an airline pilot like my dad. I do, however, have my private pilots license and get to fly with him.

  • Favorite place to travel: I love traveling in Southeast Asia. The cultures are so beautiful and the people are wonderful.

  • Pet peeve(s): When people aren’t friendly! It’s so easy to say hi and share a smile.

  • Guilty pleasure: Enjoying a fancy cocktail, or two!

  • Favorite way to relax: I love a little alone time with a face mask, nails, wine and a good show.