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Halloween hasn't even happened yet and while this year's costumes don't compare to last year's (poop emoji vs. historical figures?!), I don't think it's too early to talk about your plan on how to keep the faux spider webs, plastic pumpkins, and creepy decorations contained until next October. If there is one thing I know from organizing countless basements, garages, and storage closets it's that a good box and a descriptive label will not only save you money in the long run, but keep you from unnecessarily adding to your collection of holiday-inspired decor. 


There are 3 super simple things that I promise will save you money and make decorating and un-decorating frustration-free:

  1. Use clear boxes. We know that there are thematic storage boxes for every holiday (black and orange for Halloween, green and red for Christmas, etc.), but clear boxes are versatile and allow for the contents to be seen from the outside, which is helpful when your searching for the right box to pull from your storage space. If you're set on using holiday-specific colors, create labels using those colors and keep strict to #2 and #3.

  2. Write descriptive labels. When you have more than one box per holiday it's helpful to list out what's inside the box (i.e. "Christmas lights and outdoor decor" vs. "Christmas"). Add an inventory list to the inside of your box so that when it comes time to put everything away you know what will fit inside and can also identify what's missing. You know when you find a random decoration after the storage boxes have been put away so you just tuck it inside a bin in your mudroom and tell yourself that "you'll remember to grab it next year" or "you'll put it away later". Yeah, this will help to avoid that situation moving forward :)

  3. Get rid of the unused and excess. When you go to put away your decor after the holidays, take note if anything was unused this year. Maybe your taste has changed or you realize that you don't actually need multiple sets of string lights...whatever it might be, weed through and get rid of the unused. You'll thank yourself later for not taking up unnecessary space in your home for 11+ months of the year!

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