An easy habit shift that will reduce your clutter

I’m all about incorporating organizing solutions that tie into how your family currently operated. Sure, the goal is to enhance the functionality of your home, but the organization will only be kept up for so long if it is done so in a way that is not true or realistic to be maintained. When I’m working with clients I like to take note of how they go about their daily lives, which means recognizing where they come in the door each day, who does the laundry and puts away groceries, and how old each family member is. By taking stock of what’s in play allows for me to come up with solutions that can tie into their lives rather than totally changing their routine that they’ve grown accustomed to.

There are some habit shifts; however, that I think that any family can adopt to improve the general state of their home to make it less cluttered. One easy way to combat the clutter? Unload packages as they arrive.

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I’m not sure about you, but 99.9% of my shopping is done online (yes, even the groceries) so I receive many packages on a weekly basis. Once they make their way inside I unbox/bag, and break down the packing materials so that they aren’t taking up space in my entry. For any items that I’m on the fence about returning I set a reminder on my phone to check back in and make a decision so that the opened package doesn’t linger too long by my main door.

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