My girls made a huge design transition...and I had to let go of my own ideas (for the most part!)

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When we moved into our home 2.5 years ago, my girls wanted bedroom decor that reflected their personality, which I was on board with since I wanted their bedrooms to be a place that truly felt like “them”. I remember spending hours meticulously placing colorful dots and heart decals on their walls, and working with them to find coordinating storage bins and decor.

I’m a big believer that if you want to get your kids excited about the decor and organization in their rooms (or in the house, for that matter!), it’s great to involve them in the process. With some guidelines to reference, like sizing and price points, I worked with my girls to find solutions for their rooms that they were excited about so that they would be more inclined to actually keep up with the organization. My girls know that if they wanted the decor and design of their rooms to be the main focus then they would have to work to keep their rooms organized and clutter-free, which is kind of a dream come true as a parent. And we had (and did) incorporate organizational solutions that matched their decor so getting and staying organized was easy and worked with the overall room decor.

And then, about a year ago, something shifted. Posters, photos hung up with washi tape, and printed out artwork started covering the walls! I’m all for encouraging their own style, but their rooms were quickly becoming cluttered and not just on their walls! It honestly felt like the change was pretty instant.

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“Our rooms feel too baby,” my girls told me. They were at a transition age where their style and interests were changing, their opinions were growing, and they wanted their room to reflect it. I mean, sure I was more than slightly bummed that the hours I put into designing their room was no longer wanted, but I understood. Looking back on all of the design and style choices that changed throughout the year, I knew that creating a space that truly felt like “you” was important. Plus, I want my girls to hang out in their rooms, so we set out to identify key areas that we could tweak.

For starters, the bright pops of colors were out. They wanted to let their personality shine more than just through colors, so we made the decor purposeful by displaying their race medals and posters and photos from their musicals, and donated some stuffed animals and toys to clear out room for their journals and book collections that were piling up on their nightstands. We added storage bins that were acrylic to let the “stuff” be the main focus.

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Next came the wall space. I knew that I wanted the walls to reflect their more mature design preferences, and I knew from previous experience that Minted had a huge selection of artwork to choose from. When I was redesigning our family’s command center last year, I turned to Minted for their stylish pinboards, and every year we create our holiday cards using one of their fun designs. It’s become our one-stop shop for everything design-related, so I knew that they would be the perfect place to add pops of personality to my girls’ bedrooms.

My girls spent their time going through Minted’s huge selection of artwork, but they were immediately drawn to their foil-pressed art collection.

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I mean, how gorgeous are these designs? My daughters Marin chose the Capricorn print and Ellie went with with Balance. And because I wanted in on the fun too, I picked up this piece for my office. The foil adds a fun pop to each piece, and I know that the artwork is “grown up” enough to transition with their ever-changing style over the years, which I love!

Minted is offering 20% off all foil-pressed products through November 12 when you use code SHINE, so stop by their site to spruce up the walls in your home or get a headstart on holiday shopping for someone special on your list!

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Here are a few of my favorites from their foil art collection:

Take a peek around Minted’s site and let me know your favorites in the comments section below!