2018 In Review: What A Year It Has Been!

As 2018 comes to a close, I wanted to reflect on this year and articulate just how grateful I am for the opportunity to do what I love to do. I feel like I have won the lottery and this is my acceptance speech, but I rarely get to say thank you in such a public setting so as we usher out 2018, you all will just have to bear with me!

Thank you to all of you reading the blog, those who are on our newsletter list, those who support us on social media, our clients, the other business owners we work with, the companies we have partnered and collaborated with, those who have attended our events, my speeches and most importantly MY TEAM (not sure any of you all are reading this!). I am truly amazed that I get to wake up each day and run this little business of mine, work with so many wonderful people and spread organization and the benefits of it to as many as I can.

Rachel Rosenthal - 2018: Year In Review - www.rachelrosenthal.co

Life is so busy and filled with so much “stuff” that I really cherish the pause, the down time and the reflection that writing a post gives me. It was an eventful year to say the least and I am gearing up for an fuller and richer 2019! This year I took a lot of risks and while some of them paid off, others didn’t and that’s ok. I truly believe that if you don’t take risks, you can’t grow.

And so this blog doesn’t turn into an absurdly long post (there truly were a ton of things that happened in 2018), I figured a list would be easier to digest. Here are just a few of the highlights of 2018. Thank you for being a part of it in some way.


Wishing you a happy and healthy end of 2018 and start to 2019. I will officially see you back on the blog in January. Until then, come find me over on Instagram (@rachelorganizes)!