Going green: Ode to Clean products to clean up your life

Since starting my journey to love a green lifestyle (more on that here), I’ve been introduced to products that serve as safe alternatives to the products that once used to be in my home.

Rachel and Company - Ode to Clean - www.rachel-company.com


When I made the transition to rid my home of products that aren’t conducive to my life with Hashimoto’s (everything must be chemical-free), I was overwhelmed with where to begin. Would there be enough alternative products available? Would they work just as well as the products that I had been using over the years? The thing that I quickly realized is that there are so many great companies out there that create reliable, safe products for your home. I’ve stocked every place in my home (from my kitchen essentials to my beauty products) with these new finds.

Rachel and Company - Ode to Clean - www.rachel-company.com

As a busy parent, I’m always cleaning up after my kids and have stocked my daily bag, car, and house with wipes to clean up both the germs and the inevitable spills, sticky spots, and crumbs. What I love about wipes are that they are easy to bring with you on the go, and Ode to Clean’s plant-based wipes are a staple in my house since they are safe for me to use on a daily basis.

Rachel and Company - Ode to Clean - www.rachel-company.com

My journey with Hashimoto’s and going completely chemical-free (among many other requirements), has been a learning process. I’m grateful to have my organizational systems in place and safe products that I can rely on because as we all know, you can’t control most of the things that happen in life but the products that you choose to support your lifestyle (whether they are organizing products or home cleaning products) are something that you can control.

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