How I Make The Most Out of a New Month

Similar to how the new year marks a new beginning, for me, the same goes with each new month. I love being able to check off tasks from my to-do lists (hello, Type A), cross off goals from what I have planned out and succeeded in doing, and most importantly have a visual reminder of what I’ve done already and what’s to come moving forward.

I know that as a parent and business owner (and just as an adult, for that matter), there are so many priorities to juggle and tasks to get done, but sometimes it can feel like there isn’t enough time in the day or month to get it all done. And I don’t know about you, but I normally feel like I could use an extra few hours to each day just to stay on top of things.

Rachel and Company - Life Design Notepads -


To start off a new month on the right foot and in order to clear my mind of all the clutter, I take time at the beginning to get everything down on paper that I need to accomplish in the upcoming month. This includes getting all of my appointments and commitments down in one place so that I can see what to expect and make sure that if there are any tasks that I need to do leading up to those events (i.e. purchasing a birthday present for an upcoming party) I have those accounted for as well. Do you do something like this?

I say it time and time again, but I’m a traditional paper and pen type of gal when it comes to these types of exercises. Writing down everything is therapeutic in a sense for me. Having all of the dates and commitments bottled up in my brain is too much for me personally, and I fear that I’ll overlook it if it’s written digitally on an app or on my online calendar. Plus, I kind of love the satisfaction of getting to check something off of a physical list (tell me I’m not alone).

Rachel and Company - Life Design Notepads -

Combining my need for a productive system to keep track of my to-dos and my love for paper products, lead to creating a line of my own, LIFE | DESIGNED. The LIFE | DESIGNED notepads are created with my biggest needs in mind: a place to jot down what needs to get done and being able to do it on a beautiful set of paper. Also included in the new line is a meal prep guide (it is flying off the shelves already!) weekly planning planning pad and general to dos pad.

So today, with the start of a new month, I’m pulling out my Things To Do pad to list out everything that’s coming up this month and all that I want to accomplish.

Rachel and Company - Life Design Notepads -

I’d love to know: do you treat each month like a new beginning and a chance to get your to-dos in order?

Oh, and since I just launched the LIFE  | DESIGNED line I’d love to give you an opportunity to grab a notebook of your own to start this month off right! Just use the code MARCH2018 at checkout to receive 10% off of your order on the Things to Do pad.