Spring Organizing Series: Garages + Storage Rooms

Basements, garages, and attics can quickly become full of clutter because of how much can be packed inside and the lack of upkeep that it requires (function definitely trumps design in these areas so it's easy to make excuses for their disorganized state). Think of each of these spaces as another room in your house--a place where everything should be purposeful, visible, and where you can still walk around to access everything. At least once every year pull every content out of the storage area and review what should stay and what should go.

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Here are a couple of tips to help declutter these areas and turn them into some of the most functional spaces in your home.


  1. Categorize. I know I say it often, but categorizing is truly the first place to start when it comes to getting organized. Pull out everything from your storage areas and make categories for the contents. Get your tools together, group your lawn care, pull out the bikes, dig out the beach toys, etc. Categorizing allows for you to see how much of each type of product that you own, and chances are you’ll be surprised how much you’ve accumulated (and maybe find something you’ve been missing!).

  2. Declutter. Start by going through the easy categories. Toys or equipment that are broken should be tossed, and bikes or gear that you no longer use can be donated. Then, when it comes to the multiples of items that have tripled over time, start weeding out your favorites to keep and donate the rest. Fact: you do not need 7 rakes! Oh, and what about those wedding gifts you’ve never opened a decade later? Keepsake items and gifts can be especially difficult for people to get rid of, but remember that if it is not of use to you then it may have a better purpose in someone else's home rather than collecting dust in your storage room.

  3. Maximize. Measure the wall space in your storage area so that you can incorporate wall tracks for hanging storage or shelves. You’ll want to add the most storage possible to your space so that you can get the items off of the floor and provide some division to make the categories accessible.

Ready for more organization tips? Grab our Spring Organizing Checklist to help get your entire home organized this season!