Simple Design Elements to Elevate Your Space

When working in my clients’ homes I always take into account their existing aesthetic before introducing organizing products to their space. While I tend to lean on more a neutral palette, I also like to tie in fun prints, textures, and pops of color so that anything that is brought into the house is cohesive with everything else going on design-wise.

Our home was built nearly two years ago, and during the tailend of the project I knew that I wanted to find ways to add character to the house without making too much of a statement. I’m always attracted to clean, simple design because I find the style calming and easy to work with. When it came to selecting the storage bins for our linen closet, I wanted to find an option that was well-designed, functional, and attractive enough where I didn’t feel like I had to keep our storage contained behind closed doors at all times. Sure, it would be easy and functional enough to buy any bins to do the job, but knowing that there are so many options out thereoptions that allow for you to be picky with what you purchaseI wanted to find something that was true to my aesthetic.


If you’ve ever walked into a home decor store you’ve probably felt a bit overwhelmed by the options. I totally understand that feeling, which is why I always make sure to narrow down specifically what I am looking for before I set out to purchase anything. Knowing that I wanted to keep up with the neutral palette in my home, I narrowed down my search to include items that fell in line with this vision (and the available measurements). Since my linen closet doesn’t have adjustable shelves, I wanted to use a stackable option which again narrowed my search. Before you purchase products always keep in mind the purpose of your storage and the overall design so that you stay focused on the options that will actually work in your home.

I’d love to know: how would you describe your design style? I’m simplistic with a modern twist (more hygge than sterile).

PS: did you know that you can shop the products that I use in my own home right here?