Splurge vs. Save: Favorite Organizing Products

A question I get asked all the time is “where is that product from?”, so today I decided to share five products I typically use when designing and organizing spaces. As a bonus, I am also sharing their less expensive dupes! Check out a few of my favorite products and their less expensive counterparts below.

Rachel Rosenthal - Looks for Less - Bathroom - www.rachelrosenthal.co

#1 - Marble Bathroom Accessories

I love using beautiful and functional bathroom accessories. These marble options fit both of those needs!

Rachel Rosenthal - Looks for Less - Sweater Hanger - www.rachelrosenthal.co

#2 - Canvas Sweater Bags

Sweater hangers are so functional in closets. I use them to store shoes, jeans, t-shirts, and sometimes even sweaters!

Rachel Rosenthal - Looks for Less - Storage Boxes - www.rachelrosenthal.co

#3: - Flat Storage Box

Flat storage boxes are an attractive way to store manuals or loose documents in your office space.

Rachel Rosenthal - Looks for Less - Wire Baskets - www.rachelrosenthal.co

#4 - Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are a great way to store stuffed animals or toys in a kids room.

Rachel Rosenthal - Looks for Less - Baskets - www.rachelrosenthal.co

#5 - Seagrass Baskets

I love using a baskets like this to store extra linens or blankets.

I’d love to know: What are some of your favorite organizing products that you see me use? How can I help you achieve your dream organization look for less? Comment below!