Splurge vs. Save: Baskets and Bins

Rachel Rosenthal - Splurge vs. Save Baskets and Bins - rachelrosenthal.co.png

The last splurge vs. save post I did about our favorite organizing products did so well I decided to write another one focusing just on baskets and bins. These baskets and bins are not only beautiful and affordable but will also help you stay organized in all areas of your home!


Rachel Rosenthal - Linen Storage Bin - rachelrosenthal.co.png

#1 - Linen Bins

I love using these bins to store less frequently used clothing items at the top of closets or under beds.

#2 - Dark Brown Baskets

I love the rich color of these baskets and they could work to store any variety of items in any space of your home, win-win!

Rachel Rosenthal - Whitewashed Baskets - rachelrosenthal.co.png

#3 - Whitewashed Baskets

These baskets are another great option to use anywhere like the pantry, bathroom, or even displayed on a bookshelf!

Rachel Rosenthal - Wire Bins - rachelrosenthal.co.png

#4 - Wire Bins

Wire bins like these are great to store paper products in a pantry or toiletries in a bathroom.

Rachel Rosenthal - Grey Braided Basket - rachelrosenthal.co.png

#5 - Grey Braided Baskets

These grey braided baskets would like great next to or under a nightstand to store books, tissues, or extra chargers.

What should the next Splurge vs. Save cover? How can I help you achieve your dream look for less? Comment below!