Things I Wouldn't Purge: Acrylic Desktop File


I am absolutely loving the acrylic desktop file from The Container Store. For those of you who like to be able to see everything this one keeps your files accessible and adds some style to your desk, command center, office, etc. The acrylic is so modern and stylish but what I truly love about it is all of the funky color hanging files that The Container Store has. You can mix and match and make it your own. I’m loving the lime green and turquoise combination that’s on my desk now.

Some ways to use a desktop file.

1. If you hate looking through a file cabinet, this is a great way to keep your family’s files within reach - you can even assign a color to each person.

2. They are super portable and perfect for small spaces.

3. They are great for individual projects or something you have a lot of. For instance, you can keep one file box for your home renovation and have a folder for each contractor. Or, you can have one file box for all of your family's medical needs with a folder for each person.