Organized Chaos


If you are a current client, you know that I am still alive and well because you have probably seen me over the last few months as I have worked with you on organizing your home, an organized move, closet design and more. If you are a blog reader and newsletter subscriber only, you might have been wondering what the heck has happened to me over the past few months. I am not on Saturn, although feel like it at times!

The last few months have been organized chaos. I had an amazing right hand woman, Jordan, on my team for about 5 ½ years. I used to joke that she as the one thing that kept me and my business organized but in reality, it was the truth. At the end of the summer she departed for a different line of work. Her departure after so many years with me left me in a world of organized chaos.

Business hasn’t stopped and quite the opposite, it has grown even more. Yet, my business and life aren’t as organized as they once were because m right hand woman is now gone and life has happened. I have been in a limbo world with maintaining my business and having it grow yet not having the true support to do it. I have been managing a lot on my own.

I am not one to admit I can’t do it all but the past few months have rocked my world and I have been overwhelmed. And as an organizing expert, I can tell you it is hard to admit that you might not be as organized as you want to be. However, it feels good to put it out there. I have realized I am only human and hope (and know) that all our clients and readers can appreciate that as well.

My organized chaos hasn’t slowed life down but forced me find other solutions and really added fuel to my fire in creating future programs, class offerings and beyond for all of you.

We are growing in size, client projects, areas of work, collaborations and beyond.

I am looking forward to leaving my state of organized chaos sometime soon but in the meantime, I am keeping my head above water and realizing it is temporary and at least I have systems in place feel that much “more” organized.

Have you been in a similar situation of organized chaos? What did you do to feel that much more organized.

PS. Be on the lookout soon for more job openings as we are hiring again! Up next, fabulous administrative assistants with social media and marketing experience.