Organized in a Week: Bathroom Organization Edition


So many of us have the excuse of "I don't have enough time" when it comes to getting things organized. However, getting organized really can be done quickly when there is a plan in place and a goal in mind. I find that many women have issues with their bathroom organization. Am I right, ladies? Here's a plan for getting your bathroom organized in a week's time.

Monday: Makeup Toss! Toss expired, old or just plain yucky makeup. You should also toss anything you don’t use.

Tuesday: Hygiene products are next. From shampoo to razors, take inventory and toss what’s old.

Wednesday: Hair stuff be gone! Do you really need 50 scrunchies and 3 hair dryers...we didn’t think so. Keep only what you need and bathroom organization will be that much easier!

Thursday: Medicine cabinet gone crazy? Dispose of old medications, empty bars of deodorant or that unclaimed toothbrush. Only keep what you actually use in there.

Friday: Clean up and wipe down inside and out. Clean everything from the floor to the shower drawer to the inside of the medicine cabinet.

Saturday: Organize what’s left by putting like with like. Makeup in one drawer, hair products in another, extra shampoo in another. Take inventory as you do this.

Sunday: Go shopping and pick up what you noticed was missing in your inventory. Make sure you are well stocked on the necessities like toothpaste and toilet paper.