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How to Prepare for a Move

With spring finally here my team and I have been doing a lot of organized moves. Recently, we moved a growing family into their brand new forever home. We were able to get them in and completely organized in three days. Yes three days! How did we do it? By following some simple guidelines that I’ve listed below.

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As a professional organizer, I’m often asked what season is our busiest. While every season has a reason to be busy (i.e. back to school, holiday prep, spring cleaning, etc.), we always see an influx of questions and requests related to upcoming moving and house renovation projects. Last week we kicked off the official first days of summer with a two-week packing/unpacking/organizing project, and we’re looking forward to helping other busy families with moves, renovations, and overall home organization projects over the next several months.

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Moving tips to make your life easier

The moving process can be a lot to manage and includes so much prep and coordination that when moving day comes you are ready to just be done. So, we’re sharing the tips that we give to our clients and implement on each and every project that we work on. Regardless of the size and scope of your move, these tips can help to streamline the process and create a better (or at least less stressful) experience.Things like mapping out your floor plan, decluttering your home before your move, and creating a packaging system will help your make your day less stressful when the big day comes.

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