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Emergency Preparedness: How to store photos and sentimental items to safeguard them from a flood

ou may have seen over on Instagram, but during a family vacation this summer our entire basement flooded. We came home to soaked floors, damp walls, and an expensive realization that everything (furniture, dry wall, carpeting, etc.) would need to be replaced. Looking back, I still wonder if there are things that could have been done to stop the water damage from happening. You may have been in this position too—wondering about the “what ifs” although at the end of the day I would have never predicted that the rain (regardless of how substantial it was this summer) could have wreaked so much havoc on our home.

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I’ve mentioned before that sentimental storage is the most difficult category to declutter, and as an organizer I’ve learned that what’s sentimental to one person is not necessarily the same for another. I have clients who have no problem donating or selling a household of their grandparents furniture, but they won’t budge on discarding an old college sweatshirt in their storage unit (even if they forgot that they had it in the first place!). I see, hear, and am witness to a lot of people’s personal items, which includes the sentimental items that are near and dear to their hearts. I think that there is a misconception that getting organized equates to…

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How to preserve your photos

As I’m standing at the event looking at the photographer take photos it dawned on me that my summer vacation pictures were still sitting on my phone. The photos were now so far deep in the album that I would have to scroll pretty far to find them. I had really great intentions of getting them printed as soon as I got home from my last trip, but then I got sick...and work was busy...and life was back to, it was easy to be dropped on the priority list. That’s when I decided to try a new-to-me app to preserve my photos. The best part? It takes under 5 minutes to do!

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