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Hi! Hope your new year is so far, so fab. We've been reflecting on ours. . .

Happy 2016! This post will be longer than usual, but we have a lot of catching up to do! Then, let's get organized! The end of 2015 was both exciting and overwhelming. My assistant of five and a half years left, even more clients came to us with big projects — from closet design to professional organizing to corporate events to organized moves (some out of state!) — and we decided to merge Rachel and Company and Organized in a Box, all under the umbrella of Rachel and Company. 

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Organized Chaos

If you are a current client, you know that I am still alive and well because you have probably seen me over the last few months as I have worked with you on organizing your home, an organized move, closet design and more. If you are a blog reader and newsletter subscriber only, you might have been wondering what the heck has happened to me over the past few months. I am not on Saturn, although feel like it at times! The last few months have been organized chaos.

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