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The 5 times that organization helped me in my 30s

Today, June 1st, I turn 40. I am closing out my most challenging, rewarding, and life altering decade. In my 30s there were at least 5 major life changes where organization helped me...and when I say “helped” me at points, being organized actually saved me. Saved me from having to focus on the unnecessary and waste time, saved my sanity so that I could just stick to the routine and saved me money because I knew what I had and didn’t overspend which saved me lots of unnecessary stress. Here is a little insight into my life and how I navigated it all!

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Fridge Organization Tips: Our Washington Post Facebook Live segment

We chatted with The Washington Post on their Facebook Live yesterday to discuss how to organize a fridge, our favorite products to use, and general tips for how to keep up the systems once they are in place to prevent food waste in the future. Some of the tips that we mentioned are keeping similar products together, using clear containers and checking out-of-sight places regularly. These small actions will make a world of a difference when it comes to grabbing a quick snack for breakfast or making dinner for the whole family.

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Organizing for the 21st Century Family

Over the years I have worked with some amazing interior designers on client projects and one of our most recent collaborations was on a family home featured in the cover story of The Washington Post Magazine Fall Home and Design issue. Our focus in this house was to make sure that everything was categorized, organized, and easy to see and access so that no time was wasted spent running around looking for what they needed, wanted, or thought they should have but couldn't locate.

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