What Scares Me the Most (and Maybe You as Well)

While the beauty industry lures us in with glamour and glitter, it also terrifies us, especially on the days we did not wake up looking like Beyoncé. Trust me, I’ve read countless articles on how to prevent split ends. I’ve consulted friends over the correct lipstick application method. I’ve even Googled “How Long Should I Leave My Conditioner In.” All of this, to prevent what scares me (and most of us) the most: making an appointment.  It’s nerve-wracking. Not only do we know this one haircut could ruin our entire day, but we also dread any judgment or shame. What will they think when they see my roots growing in? Should I put a sign on that says, “I am a single mom of twins, with my own business and no time for myself? Ask me about professional organizing instead!” Similarly, my clients dread the first appointmentThey are embarrassed for me to see their “mess and disorganization.” They think I will even judge them, when I am here to help. They don’t know that their clutter is not the worst I have seen in my seven years of business, and even if it were, it wouldn’t matter.

Take a moment to think about it. No one goes to get their hair blown out already looking like Kate Middleton. And the same goes for working with a professional organizer. I have a client that — for months — kept my contact information but was too scared to reach out. She was embarrassed to tell me that she felt and was disorganized. She had moved into her home over four years ago with her husband and three children (and a dog!) and to her dismay, there were still boxes in the basement that were unopened. She hadn’t found the “right” systems or spaces for all the toys and papers that seemed to be strewn throughout the house. She was frustrated that even though she had the time, she just didn’t know how to come up with the best possible long-term solutions. She was truly upset at herself and embarrassed that she even had to call in a professional organizer. As she said to me, “I know I could one day do this myself.” And as I told her, there is no shame in picking up the phone to call in an expert to evaluate and help your situation. 

So, should you have any uncertainty, or fear about the process, the before, the results, we can plan and discuss over the phone (which helps to ease anxious minds). Rachel and Company offers an up to 30 minute FREE consultation call before our first appointment. We identify your priorities and goals, determine how Rachel and Company can work with you to get organized, and set timelines and budgets.

Ask yourself, what is holding you back on beginning your organizing projects? Is it shame in having to ask an expert to come in and assist you? Is it the judgment that you think someone might have for you not being “able to do it on your own?” Is it the budget you have?


I challenge you to make a list of all your hesitations for reaching out and making an appointment for a free consultation phone call. What are the things stopping you or that have stopped you from reaching out to get organized? I want to know, and I am sure it will be helpful to others, so please leave your comments below. Also, below is a list of a few reasons to hire a professional organizer!

XOXO Rachel

XOXO Rachel

Top 12 Reasons you may need to hire a Professional Organizer

  1. You have a closet full of clothes, but can’t put together an outfit because you don’t know exactly what you have.

  2. You are tripping over toys and can’t get from point A to point B without some annoyance.

  3. You avoid entertaining or inviting guests over because you don’t want them to see the mess.

  4. You spend too much time looking for things you need, and you’re surrounded by things you no longer love or use.

  5. Your past ways to declutter have been shoving miscellaneous items into drawers or closets, only to create more chaos.

  6. You want some guidance because the tips you’ve tried in the past never stuck.

  7. You would like someone to map out a plan specifically tailored to your needs that you can then employ on your own.

  8. You have a stack of papers on your kitchen counter and don’t remember which ones are important or where your child’s permission slip really is!

  9. You hate to look at your desk, or even work there, because you can’t stand all the clutter.

  10. There are reminders of your organization failures, everywhere, that discourage you from any change: expenses on your statements from eating out, unopened envelopes and bills, stacks of papers, bins without anything inside, a label maker still in it’s box.

  11. You find yourself purchasing items you already have because you can’t find the original.

  12. You pay a monthly fee for a storage unit filled with stuff you could live without.