Are you tired of staring at a blinking cursor as you think of the ideal response to your potential client? Ready to streamline your outgoing email process so that you aren’t typing the same thing over and over again each day? Come grab the exact emails and templates I use with my own business.



  • Inquiry from website/initial/potential client

  • Agreement email

  • What to expect

  • Thank you/Appointment follow up email

  • Testimonial email

  • And more...

There were days in the beginning years of my business where I would look back on my days and seriously question what I had done all day. If I wasn’t at at client appointment I felt like I was always chipping away at my growing inbox responding to the same type of emails. I could feel myself repeating the same text over and over again within each email response and it wasn’t until I hired my first part-time employee to help with administrative work that I had the idea to create templates for them to follow. Created as a way to give the administrative assistant some guidance on what type of emails they could expect to receive and how to answer them, the templates evolved and became a standard that I began to depend on every single day since. I was able to write the emails once by inserting a couple of fill-in-the-blank fields and save them to be used at a later date. Hours were saved every week, people! 

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