Not sure if you should be charging for consultations? Tired of discounting your services because the project took longer than expected? Cash in on this course to learn how to price yourself based on your ideal client and ultimately put money back in your pocket once and for all.


  • Should you charge for consultations

  • Packages vs. hourly vs. project work

  • Should you charge a shopping fee for supplies

  • Team member pricing

  • How and when to bill your clients

  • And much, much more...

When I started my business I had no idea whether I should charge for in-person consultations, how long I should run them, or if I also needed to conduct phone calls to pre-screen potential clients. What I learned was that I was wasting time speaking with people who weren’t my ideal clients and undercharging for my services because I didn’t understand the value of my expertise. In the early years of business your running every department, including invoicing, administrative tasks, and project management. Trying to figure out how and when to charge for everything that you’re doing on a daily basis (which is more than just professional organizing) is a challenge, which is why I’m providing you with the exact way that I now charge my clients and pay vendors and team members.

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