Have you realized that you need an extra set of hands during client appointments or are you ready to expand your team? Learn who to look for, what to ask, and the important next steps that will stabilize your bottom line.


  • When to hire and how to find other team members

  • Deciding on whether to hire an independent contractor or an employee

  • Structuring your business when you have a team

  • How to handle referrals to/from other organizers and vendors

  • Managing all the communication between team members

The first time I asked for someone to help me with a client appointment I felt a little bit embarrassed. Why couldn’t I do it all on my own? There is a ridiculous connotation associated with asking for help, and it’s something that once I got over I was grateful for giving myself the gift of an extra set of hands. I was able to get through projects at a faster rate which made it possible for me to take on larger projects and add new appointments to my calendar, plus clients were pleased that I was able to get their space organized earlier than anticipated. Now with a team of full-time, part-time, sub-contractors, and a list of vendors that I turn to (i.e. handymen, consignors, interior designers, etc.) I’m able to offer my clients a full-service experience that I wouldn’t be able to do if it was just me depending on myself. With more cooks in the kitchen comes the need for policies, systems,  referrals, and communication standards became necessary to keep the business running smoothly. If you’re in a similar position in your business or are looking ahead to where you will be in the future, this course is essential for learning how to keep the integrity of your business in tact while growing as an organizing powerhouse.

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