Are you dreaming of the day your company is featured in a national publication or on TV? What about collaborating with brands as their go-to expert? Stop hitting the snooze button and grab a spot in the class that will show you who to contact, what to write, and when to submit your pitch in order to build your credibility and presence as a professional organizer.


  • How to craft your bio

  • Perfecting your TV appearances

  • Establishing a name for yourself online through blogging

  • How to partner with other referral sources like interior designers, architects and realtors

  • Collaborations with influencers, other organizers and brands

In 2016 I made a list of industry and press-related goals that I wanted to achieve within the next year. I’m proud to say that my experience leading up to that point coupled with the know-how and understanding of what steps I needed to take made it possible to check every single goal off of my list. You’re already brave enough to take the leap like I did, but you may just needed a little hand-holding to make you feel comfortable enough to fly. Let me tell you…the work is well worth the reward. Every magazine feature and press inclusion has truly been a “pinch me” moment for me, and gaining the respect and establishing relationships with industry experts that tied into my target audience have been monumental for bringing in my dream client list. 

Due to the nature of receiving digital content, all sales are final.

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