The Green Machine Mini

The Green Machine Mini


Our "MINI" version of Organized in a Box is everything you need to get your entire home organized, if you already have your organizing supplies stockpiled. Yes, it's true. A little muscle, a place to write your to-do's down and our user-friendly Playbook will get you and your home organized in a flash.

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PLAYBOOK: An all in one guide to get your entire home organized from top to bottom. It includes easy actionable steps – no rocket science here (then who would keep it up?). Not just another how-to book that ends up becoming clutter or an impossible task list. Just simple steps – use the ones that work for you and forget the ones that don’t apply. Full of tips, tricks and fun; this Playbook will be your new best friend.

PRODUCTS: True bonuses to compliment The Playbook. We’ve handpicked a notebook that we know and love. This little notebook is the perfect place to write down to-do’s, shopping lists, things to remember and notes to pass along. The pocket is what truly puts it at the top of our list; use it to store receipts, business cards, labels and more. The possibilities are endless.

Included in THE GREEN MACHINE MINI: The Playbook, Poppin Green Medium Pocket Spiral Notebook, Poppin Green Task Pad, and a Poppin Magical Marker.