The White and Bright

The White and Bright


Everything you need to get your entire home organized in just one box? Yup, it’s true! What's white and bright and organized all over? Your home! All you need is the Playbook a little muscle. Your home has never been this happy.

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So what’s The Playbook? The Playbook is a guide to get your entire home organized from top to bottom. It includes easy actionable steps – no rocket science here (then who would keep it up?). Not just another how-to book that ends up becoming clutter or an impossible task list. Just simple steps – use the ones that work for you and forget the ones that don’t apply. Full of tips,  and fun; this Playbook will be your new best friend.

Included in THE WHITE AND BRIGHT: The Playbook, Poppin white accessory tray, Poppin magical markers, Poppin task pads, Poppin zip folios, Poppin white pen cup, Poppin white bits + bobs tray