GIFT GUIDE: Gifts for Kids


I am a big believer in kids being a part of the process of getting organized and not just having parents coming into their rooms and other spaces, guns blazing with big trash bags when it is time to organize! Kids are then able to learn the skills of being and staying organized and feel all the benefits which usually keeps them motivated and moving forward. Why not have your kids working with you versus against you when setting up organizing systems? Do you ever see the conflict in your house? Just think about it, most kids in school have a place for their backpacks, coats, toys and papers used in school. Why can't things be the same at home?

We have put together a gift guide for kids: all the organizing gifts that they would want and actually use. Gifts are expected this time of year, especially by kids, so why not pick a gift from our gift guide for kids that they will help with clutter..not cause it!

1. Giant Lego Brick Storage Block2. Petit Pehr Alphabet Hamper3. P’kolino Little One’s Clothes Tree4. Smart System Store Tote 5. Subway Multi-Hook Rack